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Use AI to organize text snippets so you can actually remember and learn from what you read


Emdash analyzes highlights from ebooks/articles using on-device AI, uncovering conceptual relationships between passages by different authors.

Features also include tagging, rating, and instant semantic search for finding fuzzy concepts in your library.

Make any site multiplayer in a few lines of code — no server required

Trystero manages a clandestine courier network that lets your appʼs users talk directly with one another, encrypted and without a server middleman. In other words, it gives you WebRTC without any server setup — painless P2P.

Peers are matchmade via various substrata of the net (BitTorrent, IPFS, etc.) and Trystero provides a simple, clean API for advanced tricks like exchanging large files, audio/video streams, and metadata.

Fold up web elements like paper

The web is flat, but with OriDomi you can fold it up.

OriDomi allows you to fold, bend, and slice any DOM element to your heart's content, with thorough customization options and a smart animation queueing system.

Relative wealth in more tangible terms

Gilded Gauge is an experiment in visualizing relative wealth in terms viewers may find more natural to grasp.

Enormous numbers become tangible via comparisons to the Fall of Rome, the distant future, and cascades of emoji commodities.

Each falling menagerie represents a concrete representation of the value in question, down to the precise dollar.

Reify lists as cubes with infinite sides


You have arrays of things, right? Text, numbers, images...

Hexaflip manifests them compactly as spinnable cubes with some trickery that grants them enough sides to accommodate everything.

Use it to build novel, tactile UI: timepickers, photo galleries, maybe even password inputs.

Add some oblique rhythm to your layout


With Maskew you can make the shapes of web elements oblique without distorting their contents. You can optionally drag the element to adjust the angle of skew. Break free of the tyranny of the straight grid.

A simple human-like typing effect

A quick sketch seeking to tease out some humanness in a handful of instructions.